PSA: Recording Explicit Baldur’s Gate 3 Romance Scenes May Get Your Xbox Account Banned Leave a comment

Building up a romantic relationship with a companion of choice in Baldur’s Gate 3 will earn players an intimate scene with the chosen party member. If you’re on Xbox, however, be warned: Recording the scene could get you banned from Xbox Live, as one member of the game’s Reddit community has reported.

Reddit user u/Daddy_Magic shared his plight on the BG3 forum, as they said they recorded three separate videos of a particular tryst in the player character’s camp. As is routine, the videos were uploaded to the Xbox servers after capture for sharing purposes, but when the uploads were completed, each video was reportedly marked as an infraction..

When you finally seal the deal with Shadowheart, stay away from the record button.

An accompanying image on the Reddit post shows each of the active suspensions earned by the three separate incidents. The first video earned a four-day suspension, with the second adding 22 days and the third adding 366 days.

An appeal has been sent to Xbox, according to the post, as the author remarks that they are “hoping the appeals process fixes this.” However, at the moment, u/Daddy_Magic, is unable to “play any game that requires a network connection.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 launched on Xbox December 7, when it was shadow dropped on the platform at the end of the 2023 Game Awards. The game has earned multiple awards since its August 2023 release on PS5 and PC, and it was named GameSpot’s 2023 Game Of The Year.

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