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Epic Games tried to cryptically unveil the upcoming Fortnite OG key art on Tuesday by posting a series of fragments of the image on social media, but before they could finish that tease, a leaker tweeted out the whole battle pass for the upcoming shortened season.

On Tuesday evening, both StreamFNBR and FNBRIntel posted images from the Fortnite OG battle pass, revealing four skins that will be included. Fortnite OG is by all reports going to be a very short season, lasting just a month, and according to these two leaks, the battle pass is likewise truncated, going only 50 levels instead of the usual 100.

Three of the four skins that we know about are mashups of existing ones: Lil Split (Lil Whip and Peely), Renegade Lynx (Renegade Raider and Lynx), and Omegarok (Omega and Ragnarok). The fourth, which is the bonus skin according to the leaked images, is a new Fort Knight called Spectra Knight, which will have a ton of color options.

On top of these excellent looks at the new skins, StreamFNBR was also kind enough to show us the map of the island that we’ll be landing on when Fortnite OG launches on Friday, November 3. This is actually a new version of the Chapter 1 map, because it doesn’t completely match up with any previous iteration–the island itself seems like a mashup of multiple seasons from Chapter 1.

Neither StreamFNBR nor FNBRIntel mentioned anything about super styles or other bonus rewards, but the pass does have some–the button for bonus rewards is visible on the leaked battle pass main page, but I guess we’ll have to wait to see them.

Fortnite OG launches sometime during the morning of Friday, November 3. For everything else we know so far about Fortnite OG, check out our full rundown of everything we know about it so far.

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